Mar 01, 2024

Update v5.1.1

  • Added button to mute/unmute trailer on homepage
  • Fixed skip op/ed time not showing even though there's a skip time available

Feb 29, 2024

Update v5.1.0

  • Added new change log page for each version
  • Added email field on report modal form for follow up
  • Added Sub/Dub indicator on episode list
  • Fixed wrong naming on user list editor
  • More bug fixes

Feb 28, 2024

Update v5.0.8

  • Added roles field for user (moderator, user)
  • Added fallback if video source is missing
  • Fixed video not playing on some episodes
  • Fixed bug when fetching episodes

Feb 27, 2024

Update v5.0.7

  • Added fallback for share button to use clipboard if the browser doesn't support navigator.share
  • Added notice message for player if the video won't play

Feb 26, 2024

Update v5.0.6

  • Added function to store user's last watch settings (playback speed)
  • Added new toast notification for new version available

Feb 22, 2024

Update v5.0.5

  • Added new content card for AniList user at homepage (planning anime, planning manga, recommendations)
  • Fixed card carousel UI for not showing properly on smaller devices
  • Improved readability for caption styling on player
  • Changed how the error page looks like

Feb 21, 2024

Update v5.0.4

  • Added new custom mapping for episodes thumbnail, episode metadata now isn't depends on anify anymore
  • Fixed episode list not showing even though the episode is available

Feb 17, 2024

Update v5.0.3

  • Added implementation of like, dislike, delete comment on desktop version
  • Added fallback for removed episodes
  • Added function to store user's last watch settings (theater mode, volume)
  • Fixed bug on view count not updating when user watching the anime
  • Fixed non-registered user liking and disliking comment

Feb 12, 2024

Update v5.0.2

  • Added implementation of like, dislike, delete comment on desktop version
  • Fixed small adjusment of title component on watch page

Feb 10, 2024

Update v5.0.1

  • Improved report bug modal

Jan 27, 2024

Update v5.0.0

Yup a new major update has arrived, this update have a lots of bug fixes, logic changed, new UI, and of course lots of performance improvement.

Read this update in details
  • Added new design for homepage
  • Added comment section
  • Added view count
  • Added next episode card on top of episode list on watch page
  • Added bookmark button on watch page
  • Added new changelog page
  • Changed Sub/Dub selector to player
  • Changed source selector to player

Nov 18, 2023

Update v4.3.0

  • Added changelogs section
  • Added recommendations based on user lists (must be logged in)
  • Added double tap to seek [player]
  • Preview thumbnail (only zoro providers support this atm) [player]
  • Removed 9anime provider
  • Fixed missing episodes thumbnail
  • Fixed manga search and getting manga using anilist id
  • Fixed other minor bug fixes

Nov 8, 2023

Update v4.2.5

  • Fixed Gogoanime episode id is null

Oct 28, 2023

Update v4.2.4

  • Fixed re-added new episodes
  • Fixed cannot paste text on search bar

Oct 26, 2023

Update v4.2.3

  • Added Animepahe provider

Oct 24, 2023

Update v4.2.2

  • Fixed anify doesn't return anything
  • Fixed non-consumet user recieve error when parsing the API url
  • Fixed manga doesn't work without redis
  • Fixed some functionality when searching manga

Oct 24, 2023

Update v4.2.1

  • Fixed disqus showing the same comment on every episodes
  • Fixed discord presence for premid not working properly
  • Changed increase releasing anime episodes cache time to 1 hour

Oct 22, 2023

Update v4.2.0

  • Added scene search for anime
  • Added next episode button on watch page
  • Added episode selector on watch page
  • Added dub gogoanime from consumet
  • Fixed greatly improved search ui/ux
  • Fixed when using search palette it focused on other button instead of search input
  • Fixed home button on error page doesn't work
  • Fixed website showing error when user pressing pages button on reader page
  • Changed searching manga now using Anify instead of AniList
  • Changed info page for Manga now has a similar UI as Anime making it more consistent
  • Changed API Key isn't needed anymore

Oct 5, 2023

Update v4.1.4

This pre-release update is intended exclusively for our GitHub repository code. When we mark a release as 'pre-release' it signifies that our website is up-to-date with this pre-release code. However, please note that this code is not yet officially released to the public.

  • Added dubbed gogoanime
  • Added new feature to search episode by image
  • Fixed greatly improved search ui/ux
  • Fixed 9anime and zoro providers doesn't works

Sep 27, 2023

Update v4.1.3

  • Fixed issue with seek button not working
  • Fixed improved homepage and watchpage responsiveness

Sep 26, 2023

Update v4.1.2

  • Fixed improvement on episode thumbnail when showing progress
  • Fixed mediaSession not showing on mobile devices

Sep 25, 2023

Update v4.1.1

  • Fixed API episode route
  • Fixed manga list at homepage send user to anime page
  • Fixed video progress doesn't showed up on episode thumbnail

Sep 25, 2023

Update v4.1.0

  • Added refresh button on episode list, just incase if episodes isn't up to date
  • Added manga list for Anilist user at homepage (will be available to guest user soon)
  • Added ratelimit to API endpoint
  • Added theater mode for more immersive viewing experience
  • Auto Play and Auto Next buttons are now included inside the player
  • Added bug report buttons to watch page (this bug report is still experimental and will be change/update in the near future)
  • Added share button to watch page
  • Fixed Implementing import aliases to significantly improve code readability and maintainability
  • Changed the navbar has seen significant enhancements, with the implementation of a single component for all pages.
  • Changed watch page has been completely rewritten from scratch

Sep 24, 2023

Update v4.0.7

  • Fixed improved character card UI for smaller devices

Sep 23, 2023

Update v4.0.6

  • Fixed video won't play due to outdated code

Sep 23, 2023

Update v4.0.5

  • Added characters card to info page

Sep 21, 2023

Update v4.0.4

  • Added novel support (still in experimental, expect many bugs)
  • Fixed missing title on episodes thumbnail details view
  • Fixed Private user can't see their own profile

Sep 16, 2023

Update v4.0.3

  • Changed increase cache time for FINISHED Anime's episodes
  • Changed New Episodes component has been temporarily removed due to errors. It will be fixed and added back in a future release

Sep 14, 2023

Update v4.0.2

  • Fixed mobile rotation locked on portrait mode
  • Fixed no more descending episode lists causing continue button to play episodes backward

Sep 13, 2023

Update v4.0.1

  • Fixed No episodes showing on recently watched
  • Fixed Pressing logout button on profile send user to profile page
  • Fixed profile picture from square to circle

Sep 13, 2023

Update v4.0.0

  • Added option to disable custom lists
  • Added schedule
  • Added redis for caching
  • Fixed a bug causing episodes not showing
  • Fixed Premid not detecting cover image when viewing info page
  • Changed the app's license from MIT to GPL v3.0 for improved open-source compliance and restrictions
  • Redesigned and rewrite portions of the information page to improve mobile-friendliness and enhance the user experience
  • Conducted a significant refactoring of the API codebase to enhance performance and scalability, resulting in a more efficient and responsive application

Aug 12, 2023

Update v3.9.3

  • Added recently watched episodes
  • Fix viewing progress
  • Fix next episode dub

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